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Bones Coffee Valentine's Day Gift Guide!

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Feeling a little anxious about what to get your significant other for Valentine's Day? Finding a gift that is the perfect combination of romantic & thoughtful can feel like a monumental challenge! But don't worry, friends - we created a quick little gift guide that's sure to score you some major points on Valentine's Day! 



1. Red Velvet by Bones Coffee Company


    It seems pretty simple, doesn't it? Think about it - what better way to tell your boo that you care than by getting them something that will fuel their day, every day!? There's nothing like being greeted with a hot, steamy cup of coffee that has the flavor notes of a big fat wedge of cream cheese slathered red velvet cake. Not only that, but our Red Velvet is sugar free, keto friendly, vegan friendly & let's not forget - drop dead delicious. Who needs a box of mediocre chocolates, anyway?

    2. Limited Handthrown Red Velvet Mug by Deneen Pottery


    Deneen Pottery has been creating high quality, custom, hand thrown mugs for decades! Each mug is a truly unique, collectable piece of art - one that can be enjoyed DAILY while you’re sipping your daily brew. Our Red Velvet Mugs are dated, adding a sentimental touch that your sweetheart will remember for years to come!

    3. Red Velvet Tee


    Make way for the unconventional! Forgo the typical candy hearts and declare your affection in an untraditional way with our limited Bones Coffee Red Velvet Tee! Available in men's and women's sizes!

    4. Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee

    Maybe you really need to hit a home run, here. Maybe you forgot to take the trash out, or have some general making-up to do. Or more likely, maybe your beloved is simply off the charts and deserves an exceptional roast. Well, look no further than our Bones Barrel Aged Coffee! We slow age our coffee in freshly emptied bourbon barrels and only roast once peak flavor is achieved! Elevate your coffee experience with this exceptional coffee.

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