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How to Store Coffee The Right Way

how to store coffee how-to

You can’t stash your coffee grounds in the first available container you see, leave it there for weeks, and expect it to keep tasting good until the last cup you make. Just like everything else in life, you gotta treat it right if you want to get the best out of it. 

Properly stored coffee makes better tasting cups. It doesn’t matter how expensive your beans are; if they’re not stored the right way, they will go stale fast. So if you want to be able to enjoy and maximize its freshness and flavor, make sure you keep your beans in the best condition, meaning away from heat, moisture, oxygen, and light.


How to Store Coffee Properly 

  1. Don’t hoard.

First of all, you should know that there is a difference between beans and grounds. Whole beans can stay fresh for a month while ground coffee only has one to two weeks before it begins to taste flat. This is why it’s best to only get just enough for a week’s consumption instead of stocking up on a month’s supply, especially if you don’t have your own grinder. But if you do have your own equipment and coffee making paraphernalia, the best way to make the best cup of coffee is to grind freshly roasted beans right before you brew. 


In general, storing coffee for more than a few weeks is not ideal. So always buy them in small batches so they won’t go stale on you. 


2. Choose your container well

Coffee usually comes in resealable foiled coffee bags with one-way degassing valves. They’re specifically designed to preserve the freshness of the coffee by letting the gas out but no air in. If this is how your coffee beans or grounds are packaged, leave them there. But if you have to transfer, choose opaque, airtight containers that are either glass, ceramic or anything that’s made of non-reactive metal.  


3. Keep it cool, dark, and dry

Your coffee hates hot, bright, and damp places, making kitchen cupboards and cabinets the most ideal when it comes to storing your coffee. Sure, placing it on the countertop makes it easy for you to grab it first thing in the morning, when you’re badly needing a strong jolt to make you a fully awake, functioning person. However, the light could totally ruin your coffee’s flavor and leave you unsatisfied, so what’s a few more steps towards the pantry, right? 


You’d also want to avoid warm spots in your home, like beside the fridge, an oven, or any other appliances and equipment that could emit heat. 


4. Never freeze it

You may have heard that storing coffee in the fridge or the freezer is a good hack for preserving your grounds’ flavors, but in reality, the only flavor you’ll be left with is that of the leftover pizza it’s sitting next to. And not only will it pick up the smell, it will also pick up moisture. It’s a myth, so keep your coffee away from the fridge and store them in cool—not freezing!—temperature.

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