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We Are Bones Coffee Company


We are Bones Coffee Company. This is our story:


     As a family rooted in the Pacific Northwest, we spent a lot of time around great coffee. Many popular brands were started in our home-state and blossomed into powerhouses within the coffee industry. We’ve always had a passion for great coffee and have searched for new, interesting ways to expand upon the traditional ideas of coffee that we’ve become accustomed to in our every-day lives; aiming to push the boundaries and pave new roads for the future of fresh, delicious coffee. 


     A few years ago, our family moved to Southwest Florida in search of new opportunities. After getting settled and exploring our new surroundings, we were met with an unfamiliar feeling: where was all the coffee? Sure, there were large chains and smaller coffee shops perfectly capable of satisfying your coffee cravings and grocery stores that carried your usual suspects, but there was still an itch that needed to be scratched. We began to wonder how many other coffee drinkers in America (and all over the world) were experiencing the same itch. After some deliberation and careful consideration, we decided that we should be the ones to inject some excitement into the coffee industry. In 2016, we started Bones Coffee Company with three distinct goals in mind. We strive every single day to deliver the best possible experience to our customers.


     Our first goal is quality. We aim to source the greatest coffee from around the world, and in such a way that it’s beneficial for everybody from the farm to the customer.


     Our second goal is creating new and exciting ways for our customers to enjoy that coffee. Anybody can walk into a grocery store or a smaller coffee shop and find the usual lineup of flavors such as vanilla, hazelnut, caramel, etc… and for good reason. We all enjoy those flavors. But, what if we didn’t have to pick one? What if there was something new? There was no reason we couldn’t experiment and discover new, exciting flavor combinations that you couldn’t find anywhere else. So, that’s what we did. With flavors like Maple Bacon, Strawberry Cheesecake, and Peanut Butter & Jelly, amongst many others, we want to give our customers something that they’ve never had before and we want them to love every sip as much as we do.


     Our third goal is freshness. Most of the coffee you’ll find in your local grocery stores (and, in some cases, even online) has been sitting in a warehouse for up to/over one month. Needless to say, that is far past it’s optimal freshness. Our mission was to roast our customer’s orders in small batches and ship them directly to their door, so that the coffee arrives no more than 72 hours after it has been roasted. Fresh, exciting, delicious coffee for everyone.


     Here at Bones Coffee Company, coffee isn’t just a drink. It’s not just a way to energize yourself in the morning or get you through those last few hours at work. For us, coffee is an experience. We want to provide the best coffee experience you’ve ever had through quality, excitement and freshness. On behalf of everyone at Bones Coffee Company, thank you to all of our loyal customers and supporters that we’ve gained throughout this journey. You’re the reason we’re here and you’re the reason we’ll keep on going.

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