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Medium Roast by Bones Coffee Company - 16oz

Bones Coffee Company's Medium Roast provides a rich and smooth taste that'll keep you coming back for more. 

All coffee is roasted to order and is guaranteed to be FRESH! 

Orders typically ship within 1-2 days.

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Customer Reviews

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Alexandra Mc A.M. Alexandra M.
Great coffee, killer flavors, and sweet graphics

Tried the medium roast as part of a sampler pack and had to come back for more! A really great, go-to coffee with the perfect flavor. Even my boyfriend who hates coffee thinks this smells amazing when brewing! Only bone to pick is shipping speed, but I'll wait for this coffee :)

Katherine O'Brien K.O. Katherine O.
Great Coffee!

I have purchased several times from Bones Coffee and each time I am more than pleased with my purchase. The Medium Roast Coffee has an excellent flavor and is very good is you have guests that do not like flavored coffees. Delicious!

Anna A. Anna
Bones medium roast

We are hooked! Never going back to our former coffee!

Rosemary Dobis R.D. Rosemary D.
The best coffee

Love ur coffee! Also the fast service and shipping

Aimee A. Aimee
The Best Coffee!

I got a couple bags of maple bacon coffee as Christmas presents and some sample packs. My boyfriend is a HUGE coffee drinker and now this is all he will drink. Every time we try a different coffee brand he says it all tastes gross now. The only downside now is instead of paying $5 dollars coffee we are paying $20.

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