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Jamaican Me Crazy by Bones Coffee Company - 16oz


Are you Jamaican? Because Jamaican me crazy, mon! We've taken our medium roast Arabica beans and combined them with the perfect balance of vanilla, caramel, and coffee liqueur flavor. From the brew until the last sip, you'll swear you've been transported to a tropical oasis.  

All coffee is roasted to order and is guaranteed to be FRESH! 

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Unacceptably Delicious Aroma

I recently opened the box I received from Bones Coffee, and what met my face was the most tantalizing scent ever to grace my nostrils. When I picked myself up off the ground from my Cool Running's style knockout, I was able to gaze upon the wonders of the graphics on the bag. The Jamaican man with the dreads dancing in the moonlight with his toucan friend high in the trees gives a strong foreshadowing of the flavors to come from inside the captivating capsule of delicious coffee! Buy this coffee and you will not be upset! Savor it when you whip up a batch of Jerk chicken and sort out what proof rum you will be pulling the cork of whilst crawling into your hammock between the palm trees of life. That, or drink it in the morning to start your day off right. The choice is yours. You NEED this coffee.

Makes great cold brew coffee

Made cold brew coffee with this coffee, added a bit of Rum, heavy cream, and a little home made simple syrup and made for a great coffee cocktail!

Great flavors

Awesome coffee, great flavors. Tasted exactly like they are described.

Some of the best!

After trying some of this from a sample pack, my brother and I decided that this is some of the best coffee ever. Upon waking up, the smell itself will be enough to wake you up. The flavor is well blended, not too much vanilla or caramel. You even get a full bodied, medium roast finish because as I said before, the actually flavor from the Arabica beans is not hidden beneath the awesomeness that is Jamaican Me Crazy.

Two thumbs up!

Great tasting cup of coffee, 10/10.

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