Bones Coffee x Prime 239: Crafting Drink Delights!

Bones Coffee x Prime 239: Crafting Drink Delights!

Bones Coffee & Prime 239 Steakhouse
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Coffee in my cocktail? Sign me up! We teamed up with Prime 239 Steakhouse to create decadent drinks to make any hour a happy one. With both of us committed to delivering top-notch products, it was only fitting to merge our talents and curate a special menu just for you.

First up, the Brandy Dream and what a dream it is! A smooth blend of dark and light rum with rich heavy cream and a touch of Demerara syrup. Keep dreaming because the most important ingredient is Bones High Voltage Cold Brew for that perfect jolt to top it off.

Now, wake up and keep that cold brew handy because it’s the best part of this next drink. Bones Coffee Chiller is a the perfect combination of tequila, hazelnut liqueur, and Bones High Voltage Cold Brew with a dash of cinnamon and finished off with a vanilla foam.

Or maybe you’re craving something to satisfy your sweet tooth? You have to try Bones Coffee Toasty Marshmallow Rum. It’s a mix of warm rum with sweet notes of chocolate and the secret blend of Bones S’more Cold Brew. Please, may we have s’more? I thought you’d never ask.

Now, last but certainly never least, let’s elevate a fan favorite. The Bones Coffee Martini marries premium vodka and orgeat liqueur with none other than Bones Espresso. This rich and velvety cocktail is here to satisfy your after dinner desire for coffee.

A partnership made in heaven. We have showcased our best and served it up to you. No matter what you are craving, you will always find your perfect flavor for any occasion.

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