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  • Bones Drinking Chocolate

    If you thought hot chocolate was just a basic winter treat, Bones Coffee Company invites you to reconsider. We’re setting a new standard for this beloved beverage with our special “Drinking Chocolate” variants....

    Made with Quality Ingredients

    Our drinking chocolate starts with exceptional ingredients as the foundation of any great hot chocolate recipe. We meticulously select natural cocoa powder, organic pure cane sugar, and Arriba Nacional chopped chocolate bits. These top-tier components create an unparalleled chocolate drinking experience.

    Available in Fun Variants

    We don’t stop at classic hot chocolate. A single sip of our Peppermint or Marshmallow variants takes you beyond the realm of ordinary hot cocoa. Our options provide a refreshing twist to homemade hot chocolate whether you’re in the mood for the invigorating sensation of peppermint or the comforting allure of marshmallow.

    Shipping and Returns

    If you’re looking to bring this hot chocolate experience home, we offer free US shipping on orders over $75, after any applied discounts. All our hot chocolate products are freshly made to order, so we don’t accept returns.

    For further inquiries, our lines of communication are always open. Reach out to us via email at or phone at (239) 323-9959

    Replace your ordinary hot chocolate with Bones Coffee Company’s drinking chocolate. It’s where quality ingredients meet delightful variety, offering an extraordinary twist to your homemade hot chocolate routine.

    *The ingredient list does not contain dairy, but the product is manufactured in a facility that processes dairy and tree nuts.