Single-Origin Coffee: Exploring the World’s Flavors

Single-Origin Coffee: Exploring the World’s Flavors

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Not all coffee is created equal, and if your relationship with coffee is more serious than the one you had with your ex, you will definitely agree. In fact, you must already know that the best ones come from the most exotic regions and could probably even tell from which part of the world a particular coffee comes from just by the smell of the beans being brewed. These are called "Single-Origin" - read on to see why this type of coffee is an extra special treat!

Yes, the world is blessed with many riches and treasures, but counties like Sumatra, Kenya, Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Colombia are favored just a little bit more because they are gifted with rich soil that grows the highest quality coffee.

A lot of factors influence the taste of your cup--from the plant variety, to the chemical characteristics of the soil, the weather, precipitation, sun exposure, the altitude at which the coffee grows, and of course the process that the beans go through after they’re picked. Each country has a different complex combination of these key variables, which makes the final products distinct from each other.
Here’s a quick overview of how beans from these countries are produced and how they differ in flavor and profile.


Kenyan coffee has an exceptional flavor and is usually a favorite among coffee connoisseurs. Unlike other beans, Kenyan coffee is grown without shade, and this, combined with the variety, the processing and drying method leaves it with a savory and sweet flavor, and a sharp, fruity acidity (often compared to tomatoes and black currant). Kenyan coffee is also full-bodied and has a rich fragrance.

A 12 ounce bag of coffee from Kenya.

Try Bones Coffee Company’s Kenyan Single-Origin Craft Coffee. This AA grade coffee is the highest quality to come out of Kenya. Featuring a pleasantly bright acidity, citrus & berry undertones and a winey finish.


The high-quality coffee from Guatemala is grown in mountainous areas, where the beans develop a rich, intense flavor, thanks to its volcanic soil which nourishes the crop. It is often sweet with a medium to full body, hints of chocolate flavor and sometimes smokey notes; and generally has bright, pleasant acidity.

A 12 ounce bag of coffee from Guatemala.

Try Bones Coffee Company’s Guatemala Single-Origin Craft Coffee. Sourced from highlands of Antigua, Guatemala, this single-origin coffee is medium-bodied with nutty undertones and a smooth finish.


Sumatran coffee is one that you either hate or love. Grown in Southeast Asia, it has flavors that are very distinct due to the unique processing method that most Sumatran farmers use: the wet hulling. Because of the way they are harvested, which required extended drying time, coffee from this region has flavors and aromas that are muted, often described as earthy, spicy, mossy, or mushroomy. It’s often full bodied, and has low acidity.

A 12 ounce bag of coffee from Sumatra.

Try Bones Coffee Company’s Sumatra Single-Origin Premium Coffee, a full-bodied dark roast with rich, earthy notes and a complex sweetness resulting in a smooth, low acidity sipping experience.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica has one of the finest coffees in the world. Grown mostly in small farms, the cherries go through a state-of-the-art processing facilities called beneficios right after harvest. Its beans are well rounded, smooth, soft, and has rich walnutty notes. It has the perfect balance of medium body and sharp acidity so it’s neither too sweet nor too bland.

A 12 ounce bag of coffee from Costa Rica.

Try Costa Rica Single-Origin Craft Coffee by Bones Coffee Company. Grown in the mountains of Tarrazú in southeast Costa Rica, this delicious single-origin coffee is smooth, full-bodied, and packed with a rich, unique flavor making this one of the most popular coffees in the world.


Colombia is one of the biggest arabica beans producers in the world and thanks to its tropical temperatures and high altitude, its coffee has been recognized around the globe as having the highest quality and most distinctive flavor. Its topography plays a huge part in producing the perfect coffee bean whose blend is a combination of low acidity, medium body, and a delicate, aromatic sweetness with a nutty undertone.

A 12 ounce bag of coffee from Colombia.

Try Colombia Single-Origin Gourmet Coffee by Bones Coffee Company. Sourced from the Huila region of Colombia, this single-origin coffee offers a medium body with bright acidity, with notes of citrus and a smooth finish.
Want to try a variety of the best Single-Origin coffee around? Give our World Tour Sample Pack a try! 

World Tour Single-Origin Sample Pack

World Tour Single-Origin Sample Pack


Sample the finest single-origin coffees from the greatest coffee-growing regions in the world: Sumatra, Costa Rica, Colombia, Ethiopia, and Guatemala. Each of these carefully selected, high-grade coffees have their own distinct flavor and are roasted perfectly to unleash their full… read more

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