Never Drink Bland Coffee Again!

It’s time to dump that substance you’ve been
calling “coffee” down the drain and get with
some real beans at Bones Coffee!


don’t hesitate!

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Starter Kit

  • A Favorite Flavors Sample Pack—Strawberry Cheesecake, Highland Grog, Sinn-O-Bun, S’morey Time, and Maple Bacon (whole bean or ground)
  • Handmade mug from our friends at Deneen Pottery with our skull logo!

    Taste the Difference

    and experience what craft coffee is all about in one bundle delivered straight to your door for just $64.98!


    Bones Coffee Starter Kit

    get it for $64.98

    The Bones Coffee Co. Starter Kit is a great way to experience what we're all about and save by bundling! In this starer kit, you'll receive:

    A Favorite Flavors Sample Pack (containing Strawberry Cheesecake, Highland Grog, Sinn-O-Bun, S'morey Time, and Maple Bacon®) in your choice of Whole Bean or Ground

    A Skull Logo handthrown mug made by our friends at Deneen Pottery
    The perfect way to experience our unique flavors and high-quality mugs!

    bold to the bones

    Why Bones

    Coffee isn’t just a beverage that kick starts your morning to us, it SHOULD be a delicious experience to enjoy each and every day! This is why we only use carefully selected beans that we roast to perfection in small batches, ensuring that you get the freshest coffee that’s exceptionally smooth until the last drop. It’s time you treat yourself to a big ol’ cup of a full bodied caffeine buzz and live your life BOLD TO THE BONES—Shop today!