Top 30+ Coffee Blogs to Satisfy Your Caffeine Cravings

But first, coffee—if that is your mantra, then you’ve come to the right place. We don’t blame you; there’s just something in coffee that’s delectably addicting. 

Is it the caffeine? The social connection when we enjoy it with friends? Or the perception of being more productive after having your fix? Perhaps, it’s all of the above.

We’ve compiled the best resources to get your coffee fix online. From cafe reviews to coffee guides, we’ve filtered through the many lists online and picked only the top websites for a coffee lover like you.

Let’s get brewing.

Coffee Authority Sites

Coffee is more than just a comforting beverage that powers us throughout the day. It also does great things for our health. That’s what this blog is all about.

National Coffee Association

Spearheaded by the National Coffee Association, this online resource provides current information about coffee’s unique health benefits, ongoing research, and potential new benefits.

Explore recent studies and developments in the field of coffee and its positive effects on our well-being. 

Full Coffee Roast

Full Coffee Roast, which hails from Ireland, is a Dublin Barista School-certified coffee resource for every coffee lover out there. 

Their team of expert writers and editors, who are also trained baristas, simply want to help others get the most out of their daily cup of Joe. With this, they share intel on must-try coffees and tips to further refine their barista skills. 

Readers can also engage with other coffee lovers by following their Facebook and Instagram pages. 

Kaldi’s Coffee

Kaldi’s Coffee is a specialty coffee roaster based in St. Louis, Missouri, with a focus on creating a memorable coffee experience for customers. Their blog offers a variety of coffee products, from single-origin coffees and blends to coffee brewing equipment and accessories.

Aside from their amazing products, you’ll also find tips and tricks on brewing methods, reviews on coffee products, and coffee-related news and events. 

Paulig Barista Institute

Paulig Barista Institute is the perfect online resource for budding baristas and mere coffee enthusiasts. 

Aiming to provide coffee inspiration and education, this blog offers insights into coffee brewing methods, products, and equipment. But beyond the wide array of tips and guides, it aims to create a vibrant coffee community for all who share the tongue-burning passion of coffee. 


Standart Magazine provides high-quality, long-form content related to specialty coffee. This quarterly subscription-based print magazine features articles, stories, interviews, and essays from some of the brightest minds of coffee and beyond. 

Coffee lovers can sign up for a subscription through the website or try a free Standard subscription for the first quarter.

Fresh Cup 

Fresh Cup is a “storytelling and education hub” for everyone interested or involved in the coffee or tea industries. With 30 years of covering stories about specialty coffee and tea, Fresh Cup has helped its readers apply the best business practices and achieve success in the coffee industry. 

Coffee shop owners will especially love its Retail & Commerce section, where they’ll find stories and insights on roasting settings, marketing, and more.

Online Magazines

Atlas Coffee Club

Atlas Coffee Club is a comprehensive online hub centered around coffee culture, travel, and community. Aside from insightful posts about roasts, coffee gear, and more, the blog also offers mouthwatering recipes on foods that pair well with a good cup of Joe (we’re especially eyeing that cinnamon pecan bread). 

In the Travel menu, you’ll also find interesting commentaries on some of the best coffees and coffee shops in the world. 

Overall, Atlas Coffee Club is an engaging go-to resource for all things coffee.

Barista Magazine

If you want the latest updates on the coffee industry, Barista Magazine is the online space for you. Showcasing the thriving coffee culture, this online hub keeps its readers updated on industry news, events, festivals, and innovations around specialty coffee. 

Moreover, you get previews and reports on local and national coffee gatherings, shedding light on the lively coffee scenes in different parts of the world.

Coffee Review

Founded in 1997 by Kenneth Davids and Ron Walter, Coffee Review is a resource hub aiming to help consumers make the best purchase decisions when it comes to coffee. 

Readers will find insight-filled reviews on fine coffees using blind taste tests conducted by expert cuppers. Having established itself as a leading authority on exceptional coffees, Coffee Review is a trusted online resource for all connoisseurs looking for noteworthy grounds all over the world. 

Daily Coffee News

Daily Coffee News by Roast Magazine is like the newspaper you read while sipping your morning cup of coffee, but online. This resource hub offers current news, industry in-depth features, and expert commentaries about the different facets of coffee production. 

For bite-sized coffee content, you can follow them on Facebook and Instagram.


Sprudge is an internationally renowned blog known for providing only the hottest coffee news, discussions, and travel guides. What we especially like about this coffee blog is its Find a Cafe feature, which allows you to find the best cafes near you. It even has the option to Add a Cafe so you can help others discover new coffee spots. 

Check out their LinkedIn profile to learn more about the amazing team at Sprudge. 

Barista-Backed Reviews


If you’re interested in all things coffee, is your ultimate go-to resource. Dedicated to exploring various aspects of coffee culture, it offers unbiased reviews and information to help you choose your coffee needs wisely. 

Explore a wide range of topics, from the best brewing techniques and recipes to coffee machine reviews. Stay updated for new content by following them on Facebook, X, and YouTube


CoffeeHow is the brainchild of professional barista, Sasha. Together with her team of experts and baristas, she shares well-researched and tested articles about coffee “from bean to cup.” 

You can find a comprehensive array of guides on brewing, coffee beans, coffee gear, recipes, and more. If you want to stay up to date on the booming coffee industry, add CoffeeHow in your bookmarks. 


HomeGrounds is your trustworthy guide for everything coffee-related, catering specifically to those interested in upping their barista game. Explore a wide range of articles about coffee written by experts and baristas themselves—from espresso brewing to choosing the right coffee gear. 

Aside from their blog content, they also have a YouTube channel where they upload comprehensive yet entertaining videos about coffee. 

Home Coffee Expert

Home Coffee Expert stays true to its name; it’s a blog dedicated to sharing knowledge and insights about coffee—from farm to cup. With a focus on coffee brewing and equipment, this comprehensive site aims to help coffee lovers improve their home coffee game or become master espresso pullers. 

No sponsored content here, so you’re assured of honest-to-goodness reviews only.

Above Average Coffee

Above Average Coffee is not your average coffee blog. It employs a team of coffee researchers to review coffee products, identify trends, and offer expert advice on everything about coffee. Founder Justin aims to discover new insights on coffee and present his findings to his readers. 

For a sweet surprise, head over to the Deals page and discover only the best coffee product deals in one place. 

What’s more, clicking on each product will show you a guide on how to use or best consume it. Talk about dedication.

Coffee Affection 

Bonded by their love for coffee, the team at Coffee Affection has one mission: to help you improve your barista skills. They believe that “life is too short for bad coffee,” which is why they provide an extensive array of guides about coffee gear, beans, roast types, recipes, and more. 

Join their community on Facebook and X

Personal Coffee Blogs

The Way to Coffee

There’s no better combination than travel and coffee, and The Way to Coffee proves exactly that. Resi, the blog’s founder, aims to share her personal reviews and experiences on different coffee products, shops, and businesses. 

Together with Alex, they share in-depth insights on coffee brews and tools for all coffee enthusiasts—from hopeful baristas to mere coffee lovers.

They’re also on Facebook and Instagram if you want your daily dose of coffee news and tips.

I Need Coffee

I Need Coffee makes it clear: it’s by coffee fans, for coffee fans. Started by Michael Allen Smith, the blog offers detailed insights and tutorials to help readers make delicious coffee at home. 

Aside from honest reviews on coffee brewing items and accessories, you’ll also get a good laugh from following the Life is Coffee Comics series.

Bean Ground

If you’re looking to make “coffee shop quality” coffee, you’re in the right place. Founded by Mark Morphew, Bean Ground aims to help readers brew great-tasting coffee in the comforts of their homes. 

Explore a variety of easy-to-follow lists and guides on topics like brewing, roasting, and coffee gear. Whether you’re a seasoned barista or a complete coffee beginner, you’ll find every resource you need at Bean Ground. 

Coffee Ad Astra

Science and coffee are quite an unusual combo, but it sure works. In this blog, astrophysicist Jonathan Gagné uses scientific tools to explore ways to brew better coffee. 

Even if you’re not much of a science geek, you’ll love finding detailed discussions on grind size, water quality for coffee, and coffee flavor wheels. If you want to learn something new about coffee, this is your go-to coffee blog.

Coffee Geek

Whether you’re a Coffee Geek or just a simple enjoyer of a good cup of coffee, you’ll find concise, timely, and enjoyable information about specialty coffee in this blog. 

From coffee history and cafe culture to coffee product reviews and more, Coffee Geek aims to keep its followers informed and indulged in the exciting world of coffee. It’s a great hub for not only learning but also enjoying specialty coffee worldwide. 

Coffee Detective

How do you perfectly measure coffee? Which is better: drip or percolated coffee? Which coffee grinder is the best for your home? If you’ve asked yourself these questions, then Coffee Detective is the online resource for you. 

Aiming to help you make better gourmet coffee at home, this blog offers digestible guides on the best coffee products, brewing equipment, coffee beans, and more. 

Readers can also check out their YouTube channel for more in-depth video reviews. 

The Coffee Chronicler

What we love about The Coffee Chronicler is how straightforward it is. Its easy navigation allows coffee connoisseurs to find exactly what they’re looking for in one place, whether that’s gear recommendations, coffee reviews, or the latest coffee news. 

Author Asser Christensen is passionate about coffee brewing and helping others brew their perfect cup of coffee, too. 

Follow more of his coffee adventures on Instagram.

Pure Coffee Blog

Pure Coffee Blog is a great resource for true coffee fans. Known only as Bill, the author shares his unfiltered reviews and experiences on coffeehouses across the country, so you don’t have to. He also rates coffee and tea products based on their quality and appeal—a testament to a true blue coffee connoisseur. 

Check out his Facebook and Instagram accounts for more of his daily coffee adventures. 

Coffee or Bust

Coffee or Bust aims to educate and engage coffee connoisseurs with useful brewing guides, tutorials, and reviews. From the best coffee makers to the best espresso machines, you’ll find a wide variety of resources that will help you make better coffee at home. 

We also love its Other Goodies section, where author Greg Haver offers insights beyond just coffee, from coffee creamers to syrups to travel mugs. 

Pull & Pour Coffee

Pull & Pour Coffee, authored by Andrew Pautler, offers information and insights about coffee, from brewing methods and equipment to coffee products. 

Aside from unbiased reviews and recommendations, readers can also explore unique coffee recipes (we especially love the Espresso Martini one) and coffee-related news and events. 

Pautler’s goal? To help coffee enthusiasts “up their own coffee game” and fall more in love with coffee. And to be honest, we think he’s achieved that goal so far.

Coffee Stylish

Coffee Stylish is a personal blog that aims to help everyone “make better coffee at home and live a happier life.” Readers won’t see reviews or recommendations on overpriced equipment and coffee. 

Instead, they will find easy coffee recipes, simple Keurig guides, and shopping tips anyone will find useful and relatable regardless of their budget. 

Coffee Brew Guides

Coffee Brew Guides brings together a decade of coffee industry experience to offer honest coffee equipment reviews, comparisons, and guides. 

Author and home-brewing enthusiast Garrett Oden helps readers make the most of their daily coffee routine through valuable insights and information about coffee. We especially love visiting his blog for the latest news and trends about all things coffee. 

Brian’s Coffee Spot

Author Brian Williams is just like the rest of us—he’s got a strong passion for coffee and cafes. His blog aims to share personal insights into different types of coffee and experiences visiting many coffee spots. 

We love how Brian has made cafe-searching a lot easier in the Map section, perfect for readers who are looking for the best cafes near them. 

Your Coffee & Tea Essentials

Coffee? Tea? This blog says, “Why not both?” Blog founders Nick and Felipe have curated this wonderful resource for aficionados of both drinks. From the basics of coffee and tea to helpful buying guides, you’ll find everything there is to learn about them and more. 

For more social content, you can head on to their Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram pages. 

Lifestyle Blogs

Coffee With Summer

Coffee With Summer is an entertaining lifestyle blog that covers a variety of topics outside of coffee, from fashion and beauty to travel. Author and mom Summer Telban is like your online friend, bonding over a good cup of coffee and sharing her personal experiences on self-care, motherhood, and style. 

Visit her Facebook page for more of her relatable content. 

That Practical Mom

That Practical Mom is a lifestyle blog by author Kallie Branciforte, who shares her personal experiences on a wide range of topics. 

Since nothing in her blog “happens before having a cup of coffee,” you’re sure to find helpful insights on topics beyond coffee, from fashion and beauty to money-saving hacks and daily life tips. 

Kallie also creates video content about productivity and everyday organization.

The Coffee Mom 

Get valuable insights and tips from The Coffee Mom, Jessi, who shares lifestyle content on a wide array of topics beyond coffee. From food and travel to parenting and frugal living, you will find her posts relatable and especially helpful in your daily life. 

Since the author is a working mom herself, she aims to share useful career tips, home life hacks, and of course, self-care advice to everyone who needs it.

Coffee and Crumbs

Coffee + Crumbs is a heartwarming online platform for mothers to connect through authentic storytelling. While the blog does not primarily focus on coffee, it incorporates themes related to coffee and motherhood. It offers honest storytelling, listicles and advice that emphasize support and encouragement for mothers. 

You can also listen to their podcasts for more inspiring content. 

Start Your Coffee Adventure

Regardless of your preference for coffee, be it rich and dark or with a touch of sweetness, there's a coffee website tailored to suit your tastes. Take a moment to scan the curated list above and kickstart an enriching journey through the captivating world of coffee.