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Electric Unicorn - Fruity Cereal Coffee by Bones Coffee Company | 16oz.


It was the Summer of 1983. Bones was traversing the treacherous and totally rad mountains of Coffeeland in search of the most righteous coffee known to man. In the distance, he spotted a creature only believed to exist in myth. The Electric Unicorn was a magnificent beast, harnessing the power of electricity, friggin’ laser-beam eyes, and the ability to conjure fruity cereal from the heavens. Bones approached the bodacious beast and asked where he might find the treasure he was so desperately seeking. The Unicorn replied with, “Hop on, dude”. They raced through the mountains and Bones was brought to the creature’s home. There were coffee plants as far as the eye could see and the beans looked like no other in existence. They had a magical aura, seemingly shifting through the entire color spectrum. The Unicorn offered a cup to Bones. It blew his freakin’ mind. Smooth, balanced, and a delicious fruity cereal finish; this was the coffee Bones had been searching for. Bones and the Electric Unicorn totally remained best friends forever.

Electric Unicorn coffee is our 100% Arabica beans, roasted to a perfect medium with fruity cereal flavor.

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As an amateur coffee connoisseur

I started with a sample back, but have since moved on to flavors like the Fruity Cereal and I cannot express how amazing not just this flavor, but every flavor I have had from Bones tastes. This is another example of how well the beans are roasted, prepped, and infused with flavor that it's one of the only coffees I feel no need to add additional creamer to. Fruity Cereal may not sound like it works, and I've thought that of lots of their flavors, but I am wrong every time!


I just had my first few sips of this friggin awesome fruity coffee. It is everything that it promised. Temperature preference of the coffee aside, I love this hot! I'm sure it'll taste just as good iced. But waking up to this every day would be totally awesome. I can drink it black with a bit of stevia, and I'm good! Way to go, Bones!!

no thanks

I wanted this to be delicious. I love coffee. I love fruity cereal. I love fruity coffee. But I couldn't find anything to like about this flavor. It doesn't smell great and it is super acidic and I had to force myself to drink it. 10/10 would not recommend.

Electric Unicorn

Better than I expected, prepare to be mindf*cked. It does have an aftertaste of Fruit Loops, a lot of people say Fruity Pebbles but not not much difference. I drink all Bones Coffee iced and that is definitely the only way I would drink this flavor, hot would not taste good. I'd only recommend Electric Unicorn to people that will drink iced coffee. So far Bananas Foster is still my favorite. FYI, I use Coffeemate Italian Sweet Creme which pairs well with all of the flavors. I'm a Bones customer for life though, I'll probably order Electric Unicorn again at some point when I'm in the mood for something really unusual. Why not 5 stars? Again, because this is not a flavor I would recommend to everyone, only iced coffee folks.


This coffee is totally awesome! Fruity cereal has never been something I liked a lot,but I love this coffee! I take it with me now in my thermos and I can't get enough! Thank you bones coffee!

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