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Electric Unicorn by Bones Coffee Company - 16oz


It was the Summer of 1983. Bones was traversing the treacherous and totally rad mountains of Coffeeland in search of the most righteous coffee known to man. In the distance, he spotted a creature only believed to exist in myth. The Electric Unicorn was a magnificent beast, harnessing the power of electricity, friggin’ laser-beam eyes, and the ability to conjure fruity cereal from the heavens. Bones approached the bodacious beast and asked where he might find the treasure he was so desperately seeking. The Unicorn replied with, “Hop on, dude”. They raced through the mountains and Bones was brought to the creature’s home. There were coffee plants as far as the eye could see and the beans looked like no other in existence. They had a magical aura, seemingly shifting through the entire color spectrum. The Unicorn offered a cup to Bones. It blew his freakin’ mind. Smooth, balanced, and a delicious fruity cereal finish; this was the coffee Bones had been searching for. Bones and the Electric Unicorn totally remained best friends forever.

Electric Unicorn coffee is our 100% Arabica beans, roasted to a perfect medium with fruity cereal flavor.

Customer Reviews

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I THOROUGHLY enjoyed the Electric Unicorn coffee I just purchased. An awesome smell and taste (but not too sweet) that took me back to Saturday mornings watching cartoons and having my favorite bowl of cereal! AWESOME.

Keep up the good work!


I love this coffee and its so easy to order online.

Really bizarre but I like it!

Note: Do NOT brew this too strong. This does better as a lighter coffee, otherwise it is hard to drink. Really strange coffee flavor, but I like the weirdness of it. I'd buy it again because it is super unique as a fruity coffee. Smells strongly of pineapple. I usually do 2 scoops per 6oz, but I'd back down and only use 1 for this flavor and give it a bit of extra water and cream. Might be even better if cooled down and blended with ice into a smoothie. Will have to wash your grinder out well after grinding the beans, the scent is strong. Next time I'll be buying this pre-ground for that reason alone.

Surprisingly good

I usually don’t like flavored coffee, but Electric Unicorn totally surprised me! I read the reviews and figured I’d give it a try. It’s great black but having it iced with a splash of almond milk brings out the fruity cereal taste. Totally satisfies my craving for a big bowl of cereal!

Not Bad

Honestly, it's not a bad flavor, but you really can't just drink this black, you need to make it a sweet coffee drink, otherwise it tastes weird (in my opinion). I also mixed it with a nonflavored coffee to tone down the flavor, which tastes like orange more than anything else. I mean, its still a fun coffee and I'm glad I tried it, it's just not my favorite.

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