How to Make Nitro Coffee at Home

How to Make Nitro Coffee at Home

Andy Andy
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Coffee lovers never seem to run out of new creative ways to enjoy their favorite beverage, giving birth to one exciting coffee trend after another. Nitro coffee is one of them, and while it’s been around for a while now, it’s been gaining a lot of attention recently, with coffee shops specializing in nitro coffee popping up everywhere. 

But what exactly is nitro coffee? This unique beverage is made by infusing cold brew with nitrogen which gives it a rich, creamy head reminiscent of Guinness beer. Nitrogen bubbles are finer than carbon dioxide bubbles so when injected into the coffee, the result is a texture that’s thick and foamy, with a luxurious mouthfeel. Nitrogen is also naturally sweet making it a healthier substitute for sugar. 

If you haven’t tried a cup yourself, you’re probably curious. And if you have tried it and loved it, wouldn’t you want to know how to make it at home? Maybe you’re looking to save a couple of dollars a cup, or you just want to show off the next time you invite friends over. Whatever your motivation is for wanting to DIY this interesting coffee drink, we are happy to tell you that it is actually possible.


Here are to ways to make your own nitro coffee at home:

Using a cream whipper

  1. Make sure you have your tools: a cream whipper, two nitrous oxide (N2O) cartridges, and a jar

  2. First, you’re gonna need cold brew coffee. Since you’re going for a home-made drink, why not DIY it, all the way? Here’s a complete guide to creating your own cold brew coffee.

  3. Once you’ve got your cold brew, pour the desired amount of coffee into your cream whipper and seal. Then, charge with two nitrous oxide charger, shake for 30 seconds, and then discharge the gas, open the canister, and pour it into a jar or a glass with ice.

  4. Enjoy your nitro coffee. 

Using a soda siphon

  1. Again, you gotta start with cold brew.

  2. Dilute your cold brew with water, using a 1:1 ratio. When it’s ready, load it up on your soda siphon. When you pour the coffee into your siphon, make sure you don’t fill it to the brim. For example, if your siphon has a liter capacity, put a little less than a liter. 

  3. Read the instruction that comes with your soda siphon on how to load the charger into the siphon. Listen for bubbling sounds, and if you don’t hear too much gas escaping, you’re good to go. 

  4. Shake it several times gently to mix it well.

  5. Let it sit in the fridge to let the mixture to settle and the bubbles to disperse evenly throughout your coffee. 

  6. When you’re sure that the bubbles have had enough time to settle, pour into a glass. 

  7. Enjoy your nitro coffee (made better with the delicious, fun flavors you can find here!)

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