STAR WARS™ Inspired Flavors Are Here!

STAR WARS™ Inspired Flavors Are Here!

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A STAR WARS™ inspired collection has landed at Bones Coffee Company! Come along on our journey to explore a whole new galaxy of flavor because it’s time to join the rebellion against boring coffee. With three new flavors to enjoy, you can choose just the right taste to give you new hope to take on the day.

Take the Twin Sun Tiramisu flavor with a delectable twist on a dessert favorite. This is coffee fused with flavors of mascarpone and cocoa in every sip. It’s tiramisu in your coffee cup to take your taste buds on a daring journey. 

Feeling like you need something a little darker? The Dark Side Chocolate Truffle flavor will tempt you with rich, milk chocolate ganache flavor and dark roasted coffee. This brew will make you feel like you could rule the galaxy and have you tasting this most impressive flavor to have you grabbing for more.

Now, if you’re wanting more adventure, there is no better way to navigate your day than with the Wookiee Cookie flavor. Take off with this chocolate chip cookie flavored coffee that will have your back when you need a boost. It takes the best parts of this classic cookie flavor and mixes it with masterfully roasted coffee.

And if you’re having trouble deciding which flavor to try, we’ve got you covered. Our Special Edition Collector’s Box comes with all three new STAR WARS™ inspired flavors housed in a soft touch, magnetic closure box! This Collector’s Box is perfect for gifting the fan in your life or maybe just keeping it for yourself (we won’t tell). 

The STAR WARS™ fun doesn't stop there. If you really want to take your coffee experience to galactic greatness, then you have to check out our STAR WARS™ inspired mug collection. Twin Sun Tiramisu mug is reminiscent of the beautiful sunsets on Tatooine while Dark Side Chocolate Truffle mug reflects the darker and bolder side of the collection. And we could never forget our Wookiee Cookie mug that’s perfect for a day of adventure and high-speed fun!

It’s all pretty cool, if you ask us. STAR WARS™ inspired coffee collection brought to you by Bones Coffee Company. It’s definitely the greatest coffee in the galaxy!

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