The Bones Coffee Small Batch Roast Experience

The Bones Coffee Small Batch Roast Experience

The Bones Coffee Company Team The Bones Coffee Company Team
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The Bones Coffee Small Batch Roast Experience

Coffee. Oh joyous, life-giving comfort in a cup. The mystical daily indulgence that has the power to bring together family and friends or fuel us when we burn the midnight oil in the solitude of our home offices. If you have just any ol' coffee, things can get a little...grim. Dull. Potentially disastrous (don't even tell me you've never exploded your coffee pot first thing in the morning). Frankly, boring coffee makes for boring brewing, which really doesn't make your coffee experience enjoyable, does it?

But, wait... consider with me that BORING isn't the only option. What if coffee could actually be exciting!? Visually stimulating, imaginative and invigorating for the rest of your senses. Gone will be the days of the basic coffee crutches of creamer and sweeteners to liven up your boring brews. I'm here to tell you, friend, that Bones Coffee Co is the miraculous wonder-brew you've been dreaming of. With over 30 flavors that rival Willy Wonka's wildest dreams, you'll find something that will turn your coffee experience from boring and uninspired to absolutely exhilaratingElectric Unicorn will transport you to the warm nostalgia of childhood, enjoying a bowl of your favorite cereal before school. S'morey Time will inspire memories of summer nights making your favorite treat over a smoldering campfire. Try Bones Coffee for yourself, and you're sure to find a flavor that will envelop you in warmth like a hug from Grandma! 

Small Batch Roasted. Cafes, drive thrus and chains, oh my! They're everywhere you go, on every corner and in every plaza and grocery store. So why choose Bones Coffee over something you can just run out and grab? Well, first - your wallet. With ever increasing prices, you pay handsomely for convenience... a large latte in the US averages about $4! But, MOST IMPORTANTLY, the quality of the small batch process should be the most compelling reason. Bones Coffee is roasted expertly in small batches, guaranteeing fresh coffee with robust flavor and depth. I know, I know - you're wondering - "How fresh can it possibly be!?". Well, the truth is that we are roasting fresh coffee weekly. We roast, flavor, package, it leaves our fulfillment center and then bam - fresh coffee has arrived on your doorstep ready for your enjoyment. Our carefully crafted process is intended to give you a superior and memorable experience each and every time you open a bag of Bones.

Authentic Flavor. In order to achieve authentic and consistent flavor, special attention needs to be given to each and every bean, which is why the small batch process takes time and vigilance. The quality and care that we take will be evident in the color and appearance of our beans, but most importantly, in the flavor and aroma. Whether you're ordering from our Single Origins line or trying Dark RoastEspresso, High Voltage or any of our 30+ flavors, you'll be able to taste the Bones difference.

Bones Coffee Company strives to make all of your coffee experiences perfect & memorable. With our new product line inspired by Disney Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas newly released, we understand the immense excitement - we feel it too! But we must remain committed to continuing our careful and intentional process so that we can provide the freshest, tastiest coffee possible for you, loyal customer. As a team, we have been working diligently and thoughtfully to ensure everyone has a chance to enjoy these new flavors. We kindly ask (we know it's hard!) for your continued patience as we work to keep up with this unprecedented demand. We promise you'll have the opportunity to enjoy this coffee soon!

We have the BEST customer base in the world. Thank you for being a loyal customer and for your continued support.

Haven't tried Bones yet!? Well, there's no time like the present! Order today to experience the Bones difference!

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