Single Origin: Costa Rica

Single Origin: Costa Rica

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Bones Coffee Company has always offered delicious and complex single origin coffee - but now, they're better than ever before! Not only are all of our Single Origin varieties of the highest quality, but they are now Rainforest Alliance Certified! This means that not only are they delicious - they are also ethical and help protect our rainforests and the animals living in them. 

Text that says fast facts, Bones Coffee X RFA Costa Rica. Fast facts is in orange, and Bones Coffee X RFA Costa Rica is in grey.Region: Tarrazu, Costa Rica
Process: Washed
Notes: Almond, Brown Sugar, Raisin
Roast: Medium
Strictly high grown, shade grown and grown naturally without herbicides and pesticides

In the top left is a beach, and in the bottom left is a coffee farm. In the top right is a sloth, and in the bottom right it says deforestation & the sloth. In the center is Costa Rica on a map.

    You see them on memes, in cartoons, as various nick-knacks at the store and plastered over birthday cards, wrapping paper and more. You could say that the adorable sloth is having quite a moment. And why wouldn't they? They're super cute and oddly relatable, ammiright? But did you know that due to deforestation, habitat fragmentation, and human encroachment this beloved three-toed sloth is actually being rapidly displaced from the Costa Rican rainforests!? It breaks our hearts, too! Which is a part of the reason why we love partnering with the Rainforest Alliance to protect this widely adored species. Learn more here.

    Here at Bones Coffee we are committed to doing our part by sourcing 100% Rainforest Alliance certified coffee from Costa Rican farms with the hopes of conserving these animals and their natural habitat. 

Costa Rica Single-Origin Coffee | 12oz

Costa Rica Single-Origin Coffee | 12oz


Discover the genuine flavors of Bones Coffee Company’s single-origin Coffee from Costa Rica. Made from top-quality coffee beans from the Coto Brus region, this medium roast offers a straightforward yet rich coffee experience. Caturra and Cataui Varieties This medium roast… read more

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