How to Brew Coffee: The Pour Over

How to Brew Coffee: The Pour Over

Zac Zac
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Pour Some Water Over Beans…In the Name of Love (Of Coffee)

    Amalie Auguste Melitta Liebscher, a German entrepreneur, helped usher in the ever popular among coffee aficionados, pour over method, in the early 1900s. (History, right?) The standard brewing methods at that time just weren’t her bag of beans, so she decided to come up with her own. Using blotting paper from her son’s exercise books and a brass pot punctured with nail…the modern day drip and pour over method was born.    

    People always come to me and say, “Zac, I really want to get into making my coffee using the pour over method but it just looks so darn complicated!” To that I say, “Do you have two hands to pour some water?” The pour over method is not as intimidating or complicated as you may think and it produces one fine flavor. 



  • A Chemex brewer and filter
  • Scale
  • Filtered water and a kettle
  • Your favorite Bones Coffee flavor

Step One - Coffee & Water

  • For the pour over method, we recommend using a 1:16 brew ratio.Meaning, for every one gram of coffee, make sure to have 16 grams of water. About 50 grams of medium coarsely ground coffee and 800 grams of water should be enough. You will want your water around  200°. 

Step Two - Weigh it Out

  • Place your ChemEx brewer on the scale and tare it out to zero!
  • Add that delicious Bones coffee to the filter and place it on top of the brewer (Your weight should be approximately 50grams on the scale)
  • Tare out the scale to zero once again and get ready, it’s about to get wet!

Step Three - Simply Add Water

  • Once your water is at or around  200°, go ahead and start pouring over your grinds 30 grams at a time. Adding 30 grams slowly over a 30 second period. 

Step Four - Finish 

  • After 3-4 minutes of letting the remaining water filter through, swirl the coffee, pour into your favorite Bones Coffee Company mug and enjoy!

So there you have it, loyal customer. Thank you for taking the Pour Over  journey with me. On behalf of everyone here at Bones; Genieß deinen Kaffee!



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