Single Origin: Ethiopia

Single Origin: Ethiopia

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Bones Coffee Company has always offered delicious and complex single origin coffee - but now, they're better than ever before! Not only are all of our Single Origin varieties of the highest quality, but they are now Rainforest Alliance Certified! This means that not only are they delicious - they are also ethical and help protect our rainforests and the animals living in them. 

The words fast facts, Bones Coffee X RFA Ethiopia. Fast facts is in orange, and Bones Coffee X RFA Ethiopia is in grey.

Region: Sidamo Region, Masha village
Process: Natural/Dry process
Notes: Berries, Citrus, Floral
Roast: Light
Grown naturally without herbicides and pesticides

In the top left is a coffee plant being picked. In the bottom left is the landscape of Ethiopia. In the top right are Ethiopian children, and in the bottom right is text saying Ethiopia, RFA & the fight against child trafficking. In the center is Ethiopia on a map.

The climate and soil in Ethiopia lend to some of the greatest tasting coffee on the planet; robust, complex and full of flavor. It's no surprise that they are the largest coffee producing region in Africa. With that, comes a much higher risk of forced child labor, especially with Ethiopia having one of the highest rates of this injustice in the world. Over 50% of school-aged children in rural Ethiopian areas are working without pay, therefore largely missing opportunities for necessary education. 

Why is this such a prominent problem? Well, the answer is multi-faceted. Due to a complex web of social & economic issues, families resort to relying on children as free labor in order to have profitable farms. But in stark contrast, in Rainforest Alliance Certified Farms, child labor is simply not permitted. The RFA works with farmers to develop sustainable and ethical practices and pay workers fairly, not relying on forced child labor to harvest, sort and wash coffee beans.

At Bones Coffee Company, we are committed to working with farms, processers, communities, and actors across supply chains to correct human rights issues over time so that we can protect the children and workers of future generations.

Ethiopia Single-Origin Coffee | 12oz

Ethiopia Single-Origin Coffee | 12oz


From Bones Coffee Company’s curated collection comes our single-origin Ethiopian coffee. Sourced straight from the renowned Sidamo region, this blend delivers an authentic taste profile that Ethiopian coffee is famed for. Complex Flavor Profile Deep in Masha Village of the… read more

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