Single Origin: Sumatra

Single Origin: Sumatra

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Bones Coffee Company has always offered delicious and complex single origin coffee - but now, they're better than ever before! Not only are all of our Single Origin varieties of the highest quality, but they are now Rainforest Alliance Certified! This means that not only are they delicious - they are also ethical and help protect our rainforests and the animals living in them. 

Text saying Fast Facts, Bones Coffee X RFA Sumatra. Fast Facts is in orange and Bones Coffee X RFA Sumatra is in grey.Region: Mandheling, Sumatra
Process Wet-Hulled
Roast: Dark

Notes: Dark Chocolate, Earthy, Smokey 
Grown Naturally without herbicides and pesticides 


In the top left is a coffee plant. In the bottom right is a picture of the Sumatra landscape. On the top right is a tiger, and in the bottom right it says the endangered sumatran tiger. In the center is Sumatra on a map.

   The Sumatran Tiger is a majestic species - though smaller than other tigers, their presence and status as predators make them vital in the natural hierarchy of the Sumatran animal kingdom. There is a lengthy history of human conflicts with these tigers (largely as a result of hunting and poaching) that can increase in frequency as their habitat is encroached upon. In order to ease this encroachment, RFA has generated income from properly trained farmers that eases the need to encroach upon their domain. This has allowed for tensions to ease and allow for a more peaceful coexistence between these tigers and humans. Learn more here.

   At Bones Coffee Company, we are dedicated to ensuring that all of our coffee is sourced ethically, aiding in the preservation of land, animals (including these awesome tigers!), economies, communities and the livelihoods of the farmers.

Sumatra Single-Origin Coffee | 12oz

Sumatra Single-Origin Coffee | 12oz


We at Bones Coffee Company take pride in bringing you the essence of Sumatra with our Single-Origin Coffee. Sourced from the lush Mandheling regions, this 12oz bag is a passport to an exotic coffee experience. Sumatra’s Earthy Gift Our beans,… read more

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