What is Rainforest Alliance Certification?

What is Rainforest Alliance Certification?

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What is the Rainforest Alliance?

We’re so glad you asked! All of our coffee is now Rainforest Alliance certified, and that means really awesome things for you, your morning cup & the world’s farmers and rainforests! The Rainforest Alliance is an international non-profit organization that makes major impacts around the world in the preservation of rainforests, supporting sustainable farming and business practices, human rights and meeting the challenges of a changing climate. Some of the key areas of focus of Rainforest Alliance include but are not limited to:


  • Conservation
  • Education & training of local forest communities and farmers
  • Creative solutions in mitigating climate change


  • Operations in 70 countries to promote sustainable land management
  • Deforestation prevention efforts
  • Raising funds to aid in forest fire prevention and recovery

Human Rights

  • Combatting child & forced labor, insufficient working conditions, gender inequality, meager wages, and violation of indigenous land rights


  • Focus on building thriving rural economies and business practices

Now you can sit back, relax and enjoy every cup of Bones Coffee with the confidence that we are working together to further the social, economic and environmental goals that matter to all of us! For more information, click here!

Ethiopia Single-Origin | 12oz

Ethiopia Single-Origin | 12oz


Region: Sidamo, Masha Village Varietal: Heirloom Process: Natural Altitude: 5,500-6,100 Feet Roast: Light Notes: Berries, Citrus, Floral This coffee is Rainforest Alliance™ Certified, and that means really awesome things for you, your morning cup & the world’s farmers, and rainforests!… read more

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