Single Origin: Guatemala

Single Origin: Guatemala

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Bones Coffee Company has always offered delicious and complex single origin coffee - but now, they're better than ever before! Not only are all of our Single Origin varieties of the highest quality, but they are now Rainforest Alliance Certified! This means that not only are they delicious - they are also ethical and help protect our rainforests and the animals living in them. 

It says fast fact, Bones Coffee X RFA Guatemala. Fast facts is in orange, and Bones Coffee X RFA Guatemala is in grey.

Region: Chimaltenango, Guatemala 
Process Washed
Notes: Milk Chocolate, Caramel, Citrus 
Roast: Medium
Shade grown in rich volcanic soil

In the top left is a coffee plant, in the bottom left is a rainforest. In the top right is a jaguar, and in the bottom right is text saying saving the jaguar. In the center is Guatemala on a map.

The Jaguar is a beautiful and stealthy creature, it's fur decorated in broken black rosettes from head to tail. They habitually roam rainforests, grasslands and wetlands and hunt for their prey at night. They are at the top of the food chain, with humans and deforestation being their primary threat. They are often killed as they are seen as a threat to livestock and competition for food. While there are still believed to be about 15,000 living jaguars, it's important we are proactive in protecting them. 

    The rapidly diminishing population of jaguars does not go unnoticed by The Rainforest Alliance, who is seeking to protect this majestic animal's habitat by preserving the Petén region of Guatemala; a dominion for the jaguar population. By educating locals about conservation, RFA is actively working to protect their habitat, and therefore the entire species. Bones Coffee Company is happy to stand alongside the RFA in this goal. Learn more here.

Guatemala Single-Origin | 12oz

Guatemala Single-Origin | 12oz


Region: Chimaltenango, Guatemala (Finca El Pacayal) Varietal: Bourbon, Caturra, Cataui Process: Washed Altitude: 4,000-4,800 Feet Roast: Medium Notes: Milk Chocolate, Caramel, Citrus  This coffee is Rainforest Alliance™ Certified, and that means really awesome things for you, your morning cup & the world’s farmers, and rainforests!… read more



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